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Presentation by our founder - How Brays English Courses Online Can Get You A Rewarding Job


My name's Alan Bray and I'd like to talk about your career advancement.

You are qualified. You are prepared to work hard. You are confident, energetic, reliable, enthusiastic. You get on well with people. And you can see that,

Even in these hard times,
         there are lots of vacancies advertised

Vacancies for: Chemical Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Telecommunications Engineers, Managers, IT Technicians, Customer Service Executives, Financial Advisors, Bank Staff, Administration Officers, Web Marketing Assistants, Javascript Engineers, ICT Managers, Business Development Managers, Cabin Crew etc. etc.

But you can't get one of these jobs, or are having trouble advancing your career.

Why? Is this your problem?

Companies now demand a high level of English

Today companies want to take advantage of the global marketplace.

They demand staff who can communicate in English:

  • "Fluent in English both spoken and written"
  • "High level of English essential"
  • "Bilingual - English and any other language"
  • "Fluent in 2 languages including English"
  • "English, written and spoken"

You know the story.

"Lack of English is now becoming
         a severe barrier to career advancement"

Of course, there are still jobs advertised where you don't require English.

But increasingly, especially for the good jobs, you do.

English has become an essential "transferable skill" valued especially, by:

  • International companies
  • Industries like tourism, logistics, travel, entertainment
  • Internet and the global marketplace
  • Universities

"So learning English makes sense"

but often it seems:

  • 'boring'
  • 'difficult'
  • 'time consuming'
  • 'expensive'

In 40 years helping people learn English I've heard all the reasons. Often I agree with them.

If you spend all your time doing grammar exercises. Or doing translations. Or listening to explanations in your own language. Or using an old fashioned audio-lingual system and repeating like a parrot. Then you are right. It's not very interesting. But,

Learning English online can be enjoyable if you learn with an interesting method.

Learning English online can be easy if you:

  • take it step by step
  • use materials at your level
  • learn in an enjoyable, stress free atmosphere
  • are not frightened to make mistakes
  • learn English online at a time and place that suits you.

Multimedia, the web and English courses online help you learn when you want, where you want. It won't take away your precious time with family and friends. You control your time. It doesn't control you.

Learning English online is inexpensive with a good value-for-money online course. You'll have far more money in your pocket. Hundreds of hours of English at a very low price.

But, be careful. Many English courses online are very uninspiring. So, never pay for a course if you don't get a money-back-guarantee.

After 6 months preparing the courses, backed by 40 years in teaching English, I am absolutely certain that our products will completely satisfy your needs. The courses are the most effective way of:

  • improving your level and/or passing that exam
  • increasing your chances of job success
  • helping secure the future for you and your family

With our easy to follow personalized courses anyone can learn English - and that includes you..

With better English you can obtain the job your training deserves.

Enjoy your English and every success in your life,

Alan Bray

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What benefits do our online English courses have?

Your passport to exam success

1. Designed specifically for your needs to save you time. Individualized courses to pass exams:

  • general English (A2 KET, B1 PET, B2 FCE, C1 CAE or C2 CPE)
  • for work (B1 BEC Preliminary, B2 BEC Vantage, C1 BEC Higher, TOEIC)
  • for university entrance (IELTS or TOEFL)

If you aren't taking exams then subscribe to:

  • Brays Listening Library - the most extensive source of graded podcasts and videos on the net. All with texts.

2. A boost to your motivation. A wide selection of interesting, up-to-date varied content. This maintains your motivation. Podcasts and videos (all with text), vocabulary items, language exercises, news items, web projects, games, all at your level. No more giving up from boredom.

3. Light on your pocket. Unlimited hours for as little as 1.07€ a day. If you finish a course, simply exchange it for another one, at no extra cost.

4. Your success guaranteed. Lots of practice exams. Reach the level with those and you are guaranteed to pass. No paying and failing.

5. You control your time your time doesn't control you. 24/365 access. You still have room for all the other important things in your life. Like family and friends.

6. Your own experienced personal tutor giving you support and essay guidance by phone and email.

Fluency in English is your passport to a rewarding job and an improved lifestyle. Brays English Courses online provide the most effective and economical way of achieving fluency and passing your exam.

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Which online English courses does Bray's offer?

Alan Bray, with more than 40 years of experience teaching English and having succeeded in helping hundreds of students pass official exams, has designed the 17 Brays English Online Courses, which include University English, Cambridge Exams, Business English and Listening. To see the course content of each course simply click on the name of the course you are interested in.

Cambridge Exams

University of Cambridge logo

Business English

Business man



University English

University student

If you have any confussion about the different levels of English that appear in our online courses you can click here to see an explanation. If you still have any questions you can fill in the contact form and our adviser will contat you.

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English Courses Online - What does the Course include?


Course activities

Macmillan English Campus logo

Macmillan (a prestigious British publisher) has created an online platform with English materials. Using this platform we have designed courses which are specific to your needs with the following activities:

  • Listening (videos and audios)
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Pronunciation
  • Past exams

MEC resources

Screenshot of online platform

As well as the course activities you will also be able to practice your English in a pleasant way via:

  • News articles adapted to your level
  • Games
  • Web proyects that involve searching the internet
  • Animal Explorers

Additional materials

Materiales Adicionales Bray's

We continuously add new materials to help our students via the sections of 'Web Links', 'My Files' and Dropbox:

  • Videos
  • Pencasts - audio visual presentation through an innovative and unique pen. You can see what the speaker is writing and listen to him at the same time.
  • Web links
  • Attached files
  • and much more


Personal Tutor

Tutor personal

Via the messaging section your personal tutor will guide you towards succeding in your goal and will be available for any of your questions.

Writing Class

Corrección de redacciones

Your tutor will correct the your essays and will help you improve your writing.

Speaking Class

Tutor personal

Practice your listening and communication skills live with your tutor using Skype or a telephone. When you finish each lesson you will receive your Language Feedback (in written format) with the main aspects you need to improve.


Monitor your progress

Each time you do an activity, your marks are automatically saved in your 'Mark Book'. You can check which activities you have completed, how many times you have completed them and your grades. With the 'Bookmarks' tool you can mark the activities that you wish to revisit.

Dictionary and word lists

Save new words in your Word List and search for their meaning in the dictionary that is included within the platform.

Search for materials

If you want to practice a specific type of activity and you don't know where it is there are 3 different search methods available.


MEC Help

Ayuda Macmillan English Campus

The help service of Macmillan English Campus has answers for any of the questions you may have in relation to the usage of the platform.

Brays Videotutorials and guides

Videotutoriales Bray's

We have designed videotutorials and guides to explain step by step how to use all the applications of the online platform.

Technical service

Servicio técnico

If you still have any questions about the usage of the platform we are available to answer them.

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Which are the different types of subscription, which are their differences and how much do they cost?

You can subscribe to a Brays online course in two different ways (Basic or Premium) depending on your needs. There are also additional Speaking and Writing lessons.

The following table summarises the contents and services of the two different options:

Description of the contents and servicesBray's
Online Course
Online Course
Course Length3 months3 months
English materials and services
Complete online course
Various exam models
News articles, games etc.
Additional materials adapted to your needs-
Personalized support and monitoring by your native tutor
Essay correction612
Skype lessons (40 min each lesson)-9
Support resources
Learning support: Monitor your progress, dictionary, advanced search etc.
Level change
Technical support: guides and videotutorials, solving your problems/questions etc.
Price99,00 €295,00 €

Each student can also hire Speaking and Writing Lessons.

Online Speaking Lessons

Ideal for those students who:

  • Prefer to purchase the Basic Pack and wish to do Speaking in a less intensive manner, hiring Speaking classes now and then.
  • Have purchased the Premium Pack and feel they need additional work with their Speaking.
  • Have specific needs (interview preparation, presentations, improvement of their speaking skills etc.) and want to enjoy the flexibility that Skype lessons have to offer.

Price: 20,00 € / 40 minutes

Online Writing Lessons

Ideal for those students who:

  • Want to write more essays than the ones that are established within their course.
  • Need assessment with specific documents (letters, CVs, presentations etc.).
  • Prefer to communicate with the teacher via Skype to understand perfectly the type of improvements they need to make in their writing.

Price: 30,00 € / hour Skype (an average of 2-3 documents)

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Comments of users of Brays English Courses Online

Marian Díaz, Cantabria, Spain about our english courses online:

"With the online Listening Course of Brays I am quickly improving my English level in an efficient and entertaining way. I thoroughly recommend it."

Victoria Rodriguez García, Alicante, Spain about our english courses online:

"Because of the extensive help from Brays B2 FCE course and tutor, I comfortably passed the First Certificate exam".

Ana Bercianos, Santander, Spain about our english courses online:

"I wanted to improve my level because I enjoy listening to music in English and because it is the universal language. I have found that following the Online Courses of Brays has been a fast and enjoyable way of progressing."

Montse Vaquero, Salamanca, Spain about our english courses online:

"I'm doing a Brays English online course because of work and I've had great results so far. Thanks to its active methodology, I've achieved a level of English which allows me to communicate in the language when I travel. I recommend it to everybody who wished to learn English easily and in an enjoyable way. Have a nice week."

Antonio Escudero, Las Pedroñeras, Cuenca, Spain:

"I consider the materials offered ideal to prepare the Cambridge exams."

Truus Welgraven, Pineda de Mar, Barcelona, Spain:

"Thank you very much for all your help, and for offering this course. I enjoyed doing all the lessons, exercises, games and so on. For me, this course was very helpful."

Silvia Salado, La Garriga, Barcelona, Spain:

(Through Facebook) "Hey, in the course it says that you can try it for 7 days and if you don't like it they will give you the money back and I don't like it, I LOVE IT!!! It is great!"

Carlos Casanueva, Santander, Spain:

(Through Facebook) "With the online course you learn a lot more, at least I do, the day I use the online course I learn more than in class."

Tamara María Estébanez, Alicante, Spain:

"As on previous occasions (I used Brays Online for the KET and PET exams and passed PET thanks to that training), the course, the platform and the service have been fantastic. It's one of the best ways I've found to learn English due to both the teaching system and the freedom in planning and organization, which has allowed me to spend all the time possible and/or necessary on my learning."

Ana Nogués Osca, Valencia, Spain:

"The method Brays Inglés offers is a very efficient way to help you to prepare your official English exams without moving from home. I managed to pass the CAE exam at the first attempt with only a couple of months of preparation. Sara´s guidance was essential as working with her was always very stimulating and motivating!. Thank you! I´m very grateful."

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What guarantees do the courses offer?

Money back guarantees - no questions asked

We are so convinced of the value and effectiveness of the courses we have created that we provide 2 money-back guarantees:

  1. Use a course and examine it for a full 7 days. If you are not completely happy give us a call or send an email and we will immediately refund your money. No questions asked.
  2. If you complete a course and take an exam and, for whatever reason, don't pass, we will immediately refund your money. No questions asked.

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Brays English Courses Online - How can I get my course?

  1. Choose your course - If you still have any questions, our advisers can help you.
  2. Choose your type of subscription - If you still have any questions, ask for help to one of our advisers.
  3. Fill in the confidential registration form and choose your payment method.
  4. Make the payment.
  5. You will receive your username and password in less than 24 hours and you can start to improve your English.
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I still have questions, I need advice

If you still have questions you can fill in the following confidential form and one of our advisers will contact you and help:

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