Gramática Inglés errores

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Gramatica Inglés errores

Existen varios tipos de errores. Los tres tipos mas comunes son GRAMATICALES (oraciones mal formadas), de LEXICO (palabras mal escogidas) y PRAGMATICOS (uso correcto del lenguaje, pero con significado equivocado). En apartado se incluyen algunos de los errores que se cometen más frecuentemente.

Like vs. Mind
Preposiciones que siguen a verbos y adjetivos
Estructuras paralelas
So vs. Such

Gramática Inglés ERRORES - TEST (Inglés Ejercicios Gratis)

1. I'm --- tired, I might sleep late tomorrow.

  • so
  • for
  • to

2. The birthday party was really fun. We ----- "Happy Birthday" and ate lots of cake.

  • sang
  • eaten
  • singing

3. They haven't hired the new receptionist yet. They've had ------ well-qualified applicants that it's been hard to decide.

  • such a
  • so a
  • such

4. My trip to Peru was ----- an adventure! They warned us about walking too close to the edge of the cliff. They were right; it was a huge drop.

  • such
  • such a
  • from

5. It was --------- day today. I sat outside and read a book.

  • so beautiful
  • such beautiful
  • such a beautiful

6. Would you ---- if we met at 11am instead? I need to walk the dog.

  • mind
  • like
  • such

7. I was ---------- I didn't feel like going out.

  • so sick that
  • sick so that
  • such sick

8. The meeting went great. We really cooperated ----- each other.

  • such
  • with
  • to

9. Would you ----- if I borrowed your pen?

  • mind
  • like
  • for

10. Have you seen that movie? It was -------- we couldn't sleep that night.

  • so scary that
  • such scary
  • such s scary

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