Gramática Inglés frases impersonales

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Gramática Inglés frases impersonales

USO: Estas se utilizan para hablar del momento, lugar, tiempo atmosférico y demás condiciones en expresiones en las que el verbo BE no tiene un SUJETO real.

FORMA: [IT + BE + expresión de tiempo/adjetivo + resto]


'It's 2 o'clock here in Spain when it's 8 o'clock in the USA.'
'It's warm and sunny today in Valencia.'
'It's too late to get tickets for the football match.'
'Come and dance; it's lovely in the salsa class!'

Gramática Inglés FRASES IMPERSONALES - TEST (Inglés Ejercicios Gratis)

1. Katrina came second in the competition. ----------- !

  • Is that great
  • Isn't that great
  • That isn't great

2. The food in the supermarket was not great. ----------- choice!

  • That was a good
  • That wasn't a good
  • Wasn't that a good

3. That was really nice of you to do that for your little sister. She ---------- it!

  • really appreciated
  • didn't really appreciated
  • didn't she really appreciate

4. I can't believe Ciara lied to you. That's such a -------------- !

  • horrible thing to do
  • not so horrible thing to do
  • horrible thing to always do

5. ------ so good for you to be eating all that chocolate in one day!

  • Is no
  • Is it not
  • It's not

6. -------, I almost have dinner ready!

  • Do be long
  • Don't not be long
  • Don't be long

7. --------- a small distance from here to the airport.

  • It's only
  • Only it's
  • It's not only

8. The exam looks really easy, ----------- pass.

  • I'm definitely not going to
  • I'm definitely going to
  • Definitely going to

9. ----------- Kerrie at the art gallery. She's normally always at it.

  • It was strange to see
  • was it strange to see
  • it was strange not to see

10. Isabelle ------------- in the changing rooms. I was waiting for so long.

  • is taking forever
  • was taking forever
  • will take forever

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