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Gramática Inglés modales semimodales

Uso: Los modales y semimodales son palabras que se usan con los verbos y añaden un significado especial. La mayoría de modales tienen más de un significado.

Forma: Los modales van antes del verbo y sólo tienen una forma.



Alan can run quickly.
Bill and Marc may arrive later.


Dom can't run.
Bert cannot come tonight.


Uso: Los semimodales también van delante del verbo pero tienen la misma forma que los verbos regulares.


He has to leave now.
They have to do their job.


They don't have to work today.

3 de los Modales/Semi-modals más comunes son:


Jim can speak Spanish. (HABILIDAD)
You can leave now. (AUTORIZACIÓN)
It can be cold in here. (POSIBILIDAD)


You may leave now. (AUTORIZACION)
They may visit later. (POSIBILIDAD)


He has to leave now (OBLIGACION)

Gramática Inglés MODALES SEMIMODALES - TEST (Inglés Ejercicios Gratis)

Test de Gramática Inglés modales semimodales

1. Laura ----- see out the window and it looks beautiful outside.

  • cannot
  • can
  • can't

2. I do not think i ----- go to the concert.

  • can
  • cannot
  • can't

3. I will not be attending tonight. ---- you call Olivia and tell her i will not be able to make it.

  • Cannot
  • Can
  • Can't

4. I do not want to walk down the street alone. ---- you come with me?

  • Cannot
  • Can it be
  • Can

5. There are three of us and i have 4 tickets to the football match. -------------- go.

  • We all cannot
  • All of us can
  • One of us cannot go

6. If you ------ see from here you definitely need glasses.

  • can
  • can't
  • cant

7. I will not be able to pick you up from school. ---- you ask your dad?

  • Can
  • Can't
  • Cant

8. ---- you still come to the party later.

  • Can
  • Can't
  • Cant

9. If you ----- go to the cinema i will go too.

  • can't
  • can
  • cannot

10. Lee ------ ---- chocolate because he is on a diet.

  • likes to eat
  • can't eat
  • can eat

11. You ---- -- on a lunch break if you like.

  • may not go
  • may go
  • will go

12. I need to use the bathroom. --- - -- excused.

  • may i be
  • will i be
  • don't i be

13. I'm not finished my dinner yet but can i leave anyway. No, you ------- .

  • may go
  • may not
  • may

14. She ------- leave until all her homework is done.

  • may
  • may not
  • may be

15. Can i open the door to let some fresh air in. Of course --------.

  • you may
  • may not
  • you may not

16. This lecture is really boring. I -------- leave.

  • may not
  • may just
  • just may not

17. Sophia ---- arrive at any time so we have to be ready.

  • cant
  • may
  • may not

18. Julia -------- coming this afternoon as she has a dentist appointment.

  • may be
  • may
  • may not be

19. I ----- be going shopping tonight so can you watch your little brother.

  • may not
  • may
  • won't

20. The train --------- on time so we can afford to be a few minutes late.

  • may not arrive
  • may never arrive
  • may arrive

21. I don't -------- till 11.30 so we have plenty of time.

  • haven't to leave
  • have to leave
  • have leave

22. Are you able to come to the cinema later? Unfortunately, ------- to work.

  • i wont have
  • i will have
  • i have

23. What did you ---- for you dinner.

  • not have
  • haven't
  • have

24. Will -------- to help me with my homework later.

  • you have time
  • you haven't time
  • you have not time

25. He still ------ contacted me about going to the football match later.

  • have
  • haven't
  • hasn't

26. --- it been raining outside? It looks very wet outside.

  • Has
  • Has it not
  • Has not

27. You ------- to go to the doctor at 3 today. Do you remember?

  • haven't still
  • still have
  • have to still

28. Susanna is very intelligent. She ------- study for a long time so it saves her a lot of time.

  • doesn't has to
  • hasn't to
  • doesn't have to

29. He -------- on work trips all the time. Only once a year.

  • has not to go
  • doesn't have to go
  • has to go

30. I --------- a new battery for my ipod because it is not working.

  • have not to get
  • has to get
  • have to get

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