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Gramatica Inglés verbo infinitivo


Los infinitivos pueden utilizarse de diversas formas para reemplazar frases más largas dentro de una oración.


'He is generally thought to be weird.'
(Most people think that he is weird.)

'Carlos went home early to watch the game on TV.'
(Carlos went home early because he wanted to watch the match on TV.)

'Sarah opened her bag, only to find that she had forgotten her card.'
(Agnes opened her bag and was disappointed when she found out that she had forgotten her card.)

Gramática Inglés VERBO INFINITIVO - TEST (Inglés Ejercicios Gratis)

1. We're buying a house for our new dog ------- in.

  • sleeping
  • sleep
  • to sleep

2. You bought a dog? They're said ------- good pets.

  • to be
  • are
  • be

3. I always come here -------- .

  • eat
  • to eat
  • to

4. It's supposed ------ the best restaurant in town.

  • to is
  • be to
  • to be

5. Bad weather conditions are believed -------- caused this accident.

  • have to
  • to have
  • have

6. This phone is supposed -------- the best. You are able to see your calendar on here.

  • to have
  • have
  • to be

7. The runner was ahead for most of the race, only ------- behind at the last hurdle.

  • fall to
  • to fell
  • to fall

8. This material is said ------- very well. But I found it not so good.

  • to wash
  • wash
  • to be

9. Charlie woke up ------- a spider in his bed.

  • find
  • to find
  • finding

10. Claire got a second job ------- extra money for her holiday.

  • to save
  • saving
  • save

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